Durable defender
Durable Defender

My tribute to Albrecht Dürer's famous rhino woodcut

Mossy Majesty_stag beetle_mockup(1) grayed

A regal dotwork beetle with fierce antler mandibles

Lightfoot Legend_lynx_mockup(1) grayed

An elegant lynx for a dazzle of Nordic flair

Serene Sherpa_red panda_mockup(1) grayed
Serene Sherpa

The red panda from the HappyNest collection

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MarineLife_Atlantic Arbiter_octopus_mockup(2)mobile
MarineLife_Atlantic Arbiter_octopus_mockup(2)mobile
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Ready to take the plunge?

The MarineLife collection shows off your fondness for the wildlife of the Seven Seas. Each marine animal has been made with plenty of fine dots and a great attention to detail. Dive in and explore now!

Discover the art of the Seven Seas
Sweet animal totems for your child

Furry friends for your kids room or nursery.

Does your kid crave some cool companions in their room, or are you looking for some tiny totems to watch over your toddler from the walls? Look no further than the cheerful HappyNest crowd!

Fresh wall decor specials

Looking for something a little unique or quirky for your home? This selection of art prints feature plenty of my styles, from markers to fineliners. Guaranteed to spice up your interiors!

Below are some of my most recent art pieces and sketches on Instagram.
Some are not yet available in the shop, but underway.
What would you like to get printed?